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document.createDocumentFragment - JavaScript

I have started playing about with vanilla JavaScript (again) and am discovering functions which I never knew existed, even though they have been around a while!

The next few posts will highlight interesting functions that are part of the core vanilla JavaScript API. Any functions listed will be safe to use (well supported in all browsers).


The first one is ...

Quick file uploads with dropzone.js

/images/57261449871537.PNG This week i've been experimenting with dropzone.js for easy image uploading to the blog CMS system. It's a handy little script which allows your website users to simply drag and drop files from their computer onto your webpage to upload.

My original plan for the page to be updated using a callback when the...

Hackerrank - CounterCode 2015

On 1st August Hackerrank ran the CounterCode programming competition, an online competition where you solve various problems by using code to solve the given problems.

This was only the second such competition I've entered and had to treat is as a personal contest - to try and get the best score I could, as the leaders finished in unbelievable...

The 'Type' Attribute for HTML Ordered Lists

This is something that until recently I had never really thought about or realised that you can do in HTML. That is change the type of numbering on a ordered list. However this is possible by using the type attribute, this changes the prefix on each list item which can be alphabetic or numeric (roman or decimals). There are probabily loads of examples of this in use on the web but I ca...

Units of Measurement in CSS 3

Best Practices


The base values for text-size can be specified against the body selector in a CSS document; this should have a pixel (px) value. It is worth noting the common browser default for the font size is 16px.

When defining font-size for an element class it is then best to use a relative measurement such as percentages or ems. This allows the website...